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Madeira and Porto Santo

What to do on holidays in Madeira and Porto Santo.

As the containment measures are eased through Europe, market research indicating sustained demand for holidays and airline companies making flight reservations available to Madeira (FNC) and Porto Santo (PXO) as early as June 2020, destinations like Madeira and Porto Santo are naturally eager to welcome guests, many which become friends.

We too look forward to hear form you!

We have created a mailing list, which we hope you will be able to join, let us know what you have done or what you would like to do and where you would like to stay during your next visit to the island so that we can help you chose. In the meantime, we hope you can enjoy these videos and visit us soon.

Madeira, Stay Home Now. Dream Online. Visit Us Later

After a “Stay Home Now. Dream Online. Visit Us Later” campaign, Madeira and Porto Santo, with the first beach to officially open in Europe, have been getting ready to welcome guests and recover from the “saudade” of welcoming friends. “Saudade” is very Portuguese word which is difficult to translate its true, heartfelt significance. Some describe it as homesick, others as longing, desire, nostalgia or simply the feeling of “missing”.

We too hope guests are feeling “saudade” of Madeira and Porto Santo.

From our mountains


Whale and Dolphin watching in Madeira

our beaches

Porto Santo beach

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Madeira, nature, outdoors, all year

Should you wish to reach out to us, please don´t hesitate to reach out through our contact form and we will do our best to get back you you.

Madeira Plunge 2015

Madeira New Year Plunge 2015 by Nature Meetings


Madeira Plunge is a celebration of the New Year with a plunge in the sea at 12h00 on 1st January 2015 at Ponta Gorda / Poças do Governador swimming complex in Funchal.

That’s such a great ideia!

We couldn’t agree more!

Where does it come from?

The New Year plunge is a tradition started in The Netherlands which is now spreading all over the world. It started with a swim club celebrating the new year with a swim. Today, Unox/Unilever sponsor the event at many locations in Holland.

Why Madeira?

Because the water is warmer on January 1st!

Is it just fun for the sake of fun?

Yes. But we’re donating 50% of the revenue to Acreditar, a Portuguese charity who helps children with cancer.

Can I join?

Sure! You must! For details check our page about MADEIRA PLUNGE 2015 and the event page on Facebook.

To register, just click on the link bellow!


Madeira, premium Wine Tourism

Madeira Wine vines at Quinta do Furão

Madeira Wine vines in Madeira, enjoying the rising sun at Quinta do Furão.
Picture by Simon Zino Photography

Madeira Wine has a long history, having been used in several memorable occasions, including the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Now, Madeira positions itself as a premium wine, not only due to its unique characteristics but also its scarcity due to the small annual production but the fact there there is only a finite amount of Vintage (over tenty years) and Colheita (less than twenty years, but vintage quality) Madeira Wines.

Chris Blandy from Blandy´s Madeira Wine gives his insight into the future of Madeira Wine and wine tourism in Madeira in Harpers article “Chris Blandy: big changes afoot in Madeira as premium wines gain traction

For wine tours in Madeira, including both traditional Madeira Wines as well as the new table wines being produced in Madeira, visit to vines and Wine lodges as well as and great gastronomic experiences, contact Nature Meetings for a bespoke “wine lovers” programme, both for individuals and groups.

Madeira – the new wellness destination

Madeira - wellness is the new black

Madeira – Wellness is the New Black

Wellness is the New black” writes Anni Hood, Founder and Director of Wellness Business Consultancy for World Travel Market 2014.

Wellness is one of the main themes at the World Travel Market 2014, with outstanding panel participants including John Bevan from Spafinder, Steve Dunne from Brighter Group and Daniel Pearce from TTG, and  many more outstanding speakers during the various panels.


Madeira´s outstnading climate and short distances means that wellness products can also be offered to cruise passengers visiting the island for a short stay.

Contact Nature Meetings for a bespoke solution whilst we develop new products and offers to fit your requirements.

Christmas Walking schedule 2013

Because it’s Christmas our walk schedule as changed a little. Please check the info bellow.

Monday 23 December’13
Half Day: Pride of Madeira
Full Day: Peaceful Panorama

Tuesday 24 December’13
Half Day: Peaceful Panorama
Full Day: Rabaçal Lakes & Fountains

Wednesday 25 December’13
No walks.

Thursday 26 December’13
Half Day: Serene Settings (client collection time as from 9am)
Full Day: Enchanting Santana

Friday 27 December’13
Half Day: Rural Traditions
Full Day: Rabaçal Lakes & Fountains

Saturday 28 December’13
Full Day: madeira Mountain Tour (Achada da Teixeira-Pico Ruivo-Achada da Teixeira & Ponta São Lourenço).

Sunday 29 December’13
Half Day: Serene Settings

Monday 30 December’13
Half Day: Pride of Madeira
Full Day: Peaceful Panorama

Tuesday 31 December’13
Half Day: Paradise Valley

Wednesday 01 January’14
No Walks.

From Thursday 02 January 2014, our walking schedule is back as normal.

In the meantime… Happy Christmas everyone! 🙂

Best Island in the World? Madeira!

Madeira shortlisted for World’s Leading Island Destination

WTA 2013 WORLD Leading Island Destination Nominee - Madeira - Nature Meetings

After winning the 2013 Europe’s Leading Island Destination WTA, Madeira is now one of 12 nominees for World’s Leading Island Destination on the 2013 World Travel Awards.

If you’re a fan of Madeira just like we are, take a moment to vote and help elect Madeira as the WTA 2013 World’s Leading Island Destination.

— Nature Meetings. In Madeira, walk with us.

Whale and Dolphin Watching enters winter season

Just a quick note to let you know that the Whale and Dolphin Watching programme is entering the winter season.

This means two trips a day: at 9h00 and at 13h30.

And if you’re wondering about water temperature, it’s as warm as ever!

— Nature Meetings. In Madeira, swim with us.

Best Island in Europe? Madeira!

Madeira Islands win the 2013 World Travel Award as Europe’s Leading Island Destination.

WTA 2013 Europe Leading Island Destination - Madeira Islands

Madeira and Porto Santo Islands‘ top quality as a holiday destination have been recognized by the WTA 2013. Competing against the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta and Sardinia, Madeira Islands top place in the rank is all the more remarkable.

WTA World Travel Awards 2013 - Madeira IslandsA clear sign of Madeira’s global excellence as a travel destination, the WTA prize acknowledges the superiority of Madeira’s hotels and activities as well as the success of its environment and preservation programmes.

As a boutique travel agency in Madeira, we are proud to contribute everyday to making Madeira the 2013 WTA Europe’s Leading Islands Destination.

— Nature Meetings. In Madeira Walk with us.

Madeira: Europe’s Leading Island Destination

Madeira is running for Europe’s Leading Island Destination on the 2013 World Travel Awards (WTA). Nicknamed the “Oscars” of the tourism and travel industry, the WTA acknowledges, rewards and celebrates excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

If you wish, you too can vote for Madeira as Europe’s Leading Island Destination!

— Nature Meetings. In Madeira, Walk with us.

Officially Approved Walks

Three new walkways on Madeira Island officially approved.

Madeira Levada Walks Official by Francisco CorreiaPhoto by Francisco Correia

This approval – adding about 6.4 kilometres to the official walks total extension – means better information and greater security to the walkers.

The three walks, which have been labeled as “PR – Pequenas Rotas” (walking routes), are:

. PR 21 – Caminho do Norte (Encumeada – Ribeira Grande)
. PR 22 – Vereda do Chão dos Louros
. PR 23 – Levada da Azenha (Azenha – Caminho Velho do Castelo)

If you wish to explore these new officially recommended walks in Madeira, contact us for a tailor made walking tour.

— Nature Meetings. In Madeira, walk with us.

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