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Often called “walkers paradise“, Madeira has much to offer its visitors. Blessed with a year round sub tropical climate and with spectacular and dramatic landscapes the island has a rich variety of exciting walking opportunities.

With a rich cultural background going back to the 15th century, influenced by the sugar and wine industries which brought many visitors to the island, Madeira has been welcoming guests for many years. The island has always had an important strategic position in the Atlantic and visitors not only stopped for trade but also on their way to and from Europe. The result is a vast cultural heritage than can be seen throughout the island combined with a modern cosmopolitan capital, Funchal.

Madeira is a unique destination for walkers for many reasons. The unique levadas’ irrigation system is synonymous to walking in Madeira, but also the prehistoric Laurel Forest so essential to the island and the mountain paths or ‘veredas’ that criss-cross the peeks and more mountainous regions. Unspoiled nature abounds on the island mostly due to its volcanic origins, the deep gorges and steep cliffs make access difficult and naturally protect Madeira’s most precious treasure, Nature.

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