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Climate and Weather

Madeira Walk - North Coast - by Virgilio Silva

Madeira extraordinary climate throughout the year is directly influenced by the Azores anticyclone weather pattern.

Because of the privileged geographical location and east to west orientation the island can be said to be divided into two weather regions, the south being warm subtropical and the north being wet temperature. The two combine to produce an exceptionally mild climate, with an overall average temperature of 22°C in the summer and 16°C in the winter, along with a moderate level of humidity. The island has many micro climates due to its orography.

In Funchal, Madeira the average temperature is 18.83C (65.9F). 19C (66.20F) is the lowest monthly average low temperature (occurring between December & February) while 28C (82.40F) is the highest monthly average high temperature which occurs in July – August.
During wet weather in Funchal it accumulates a total average rainfall of 513.00mm (20.20in) per annum. Divided over the year this gives an average monthly rainfall of 42.75mm (1.68in).

Madeira Average TemperatureNovember is the month with most precipitation when 81mm (3.19in) of rain falls over a period of 9 days while in July only 1mm (0.04in) of rain falls over 0 days.

Funchal, Madeira’s weather is effected by 65 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall.

Relative humidity at Funchal, Madeira averages 69% over the year. 63% is the lowest average monthly relative humidity which occurs in September and 72% is the highest average monthly relative humidity which occurs in June.

Madeira’s weather is effected by 2438 hours of sunshine per year which is an average of 6.68 hours per day. The range of sunlight hours is from an average of 5.3 per day in December to 8.4 per day in August.

Temperatures fall with altitude and it can be warm and sunny at sea level where as at higher altitudes clouds can form causing wet and cold weather.

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